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Welcome to LECOM 25

Since the College received its charter 25 years ago, LECOM has grown from 37 College of Medicine graduates in the inaugural class to the largest medical college in the country. LECOM – as a part of LECOM Health – remains the only osteopathic academic health center in the United States and has become a leader and innovator in health care education with the addition of the School of Pharmacy, School of Dental Medicine and Masters Degree Programs with campuses in Pennsylvania and Florida.

During a year-long celebration, LECOM will commemorate the last 25 years with special events geared toward highlighting the numerous accomplishments made by the institution as well as the students, faculty, staff and alumni who have played a role in establishing LECOM as an indispensable facilitator of healthcare and wellbeing for everyone.

This website is dedicated to celebrating the last 25 years of LECOM and the accomplishments and contributions it has made to the communities it serves.

A Special Message From the President of LECOM

Learn About LECOM's Impressive 25 Year History

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